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OSR61105 Olympus RF Reagent (Rheumatoid Factor)


Intended Use

Beckman Coulter OSR61105 Olympus RF reagent for Rheumatoid Factor quantitative determination  in human serum and plasma on Beckman Coulter AU analyzers.

Brand: Beckman Coulter
Manufacturer SKU: OSR61105
Analyzer Type: Chemistry Analyzer
Analyzer Series: AU Analyzer Series
Test Type: Autoimmune Assay
Test Name: Rheumatoid Factor
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  • Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter OSR61105
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Application: Reagent
  • Test Method: Latex-enhanced Immunoturbidimetric Method
  • Number of Tests: 4 X 250 Tests
  • Test Type: Autoimmune Assay
  • UNSPSC Code: 41116004
  • Test Name: Rheumatoid Factor
  • For in vitro diagnostic use only.
  • R1: Colorless to slightly yellow; Clear; Liquid; Odorless
  • R2: White; Clear; Liquid; Odorless
Understanding RF (Rheumatoid Factor) Reagent

Rheumatoid factors (RF) are antibodies targeting antigenic determinants on the Fc fragment of IgG. While typically IgM antibodies, they may also manifest as IgG, IgA, or IgE. In studies, RF sensitivity in rheumatoid arthritis ranges from 30% in population-based studies to 70-80% in hospital-based studies, indicative of more severe disease. Higher RF titers are more specific for diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis (RA), especially in cases of rapidly progressive joint destruction or with extraarticular manifestations like subcutaneous rheumatic nodules. However, RF is a non-specific test, with positive results observed in 1-5% of healthy individuals at low titers and in 15-20% of elderly subjects with other chronic conditions. A negative result does not rule out RA.

Moreover, around 25% of diagnosed RA patients may test negative for RF. Positive RF results are also associated with autoimmune rheumatic diseases and non-rheumatic conditions like SLE, Sjögren’s syndrome, subacute bacterial endocarditis, infectious hepatitis, chronic liver diseases, chronic active pulmonary diseases, parasitic, and viral infections.


Immune complexes formed in solution scatter light based on their size, shape, and concentration. Turbidimeters measure the reduction in incident light due to reflection, absorption, or scatter. In this procedure, the decrease in light intensity transmitted (increase in absorbance) through suspended particles results from immunological reactions between patient serum RF and anti-RF IgG antibodies coated on latex particles.


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