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JIT4You Scientific’s catalog covers a wide range of products for use in clinical, analytical, research, and industrial laboratories.
Our product line is continually growing to meet our customers’ needs. We will work with you to source new and innovative products that will help shape the future of diagnostics.
Not only do we aim to provide our customers with a quality product, we provide it at an exceptional value.

Chemicals and Solutions

Buying prepared Chemicals and Solutions is a cost-effective way to increase safety and save chemists’ valuable time. Acids, reagents, alcohols, bases, buffers, indicators and other Chemicals and Solutions are available

Lab Test Kits

A1C, Acute Conjunctivitis, Asprin Assay, Blood Lead Test, BNP, ESR, FOB, H. Pylori Detection, hCG Pregnancy Test, HDL-C, HIV Detection and many other lab test kits are all stocked and available


Streamline procurement with a complete range of microbiology supplies. Prepared Media, Quality Control Organisms, Sensitivity Discs and Inoculating Loop

Biopsy Needles

Fine-needle aspiration (FNA) is a diagnostic procedure used to investigate lumps or masses. In this technique, a thin (23–25 gauge), hollow needle is inserted into the mass for sampling of cells that, after being stained, will be examined under a microscope (biopsy)


We offer over 20 different categories of reagent; all from Cancer Immunoassay, cardia, diabetes to hematology, immunology and many others…

Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection and Transport Containers, Aspiration and Biopsy Needles, Specimen Collection Devices, Collection Kits, Blood Collection Needles, Lab Shipping Containers, Amniocentesis, Aspiration and Biopsy Trays are in stock and availble


For dependable staining performance you can count on, time after time, and ease of use in the laboratory, rely on JIT4You stains and dyes. Many of our staining products are certified by the Biological Stain Commission, and are ideal for biological research.


The two major types of growth medium are those used for cell culture, which use specific cell types derived from plants or animals, and microbiological culture, which are used for growing microorganisms, such as bacteria or fungi.

About Us

With the experience we gathered in laboratory expertise, our team at JIT4You is knowledgeable, motivated, and eager to assist you. We are here to provide technical support and detailed product information to ensure our customers are getting the product to best suit their application…

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