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OSR6152 Olympus TRF (Transferrin) Reagent


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OSR6152 Olympus Transferrin reagent for the Transferrin  quantitative determination in human serum on Beckman Coulter AU analyzers.

Brand: Beckman Coulter
Manufacturer SKU: OSR6152
Analyzer Type: Chemistry Analyzer
Analyzer Series: AU Analyzer Series
Test Type: General Chemistry
Test Name: Transferrin
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  • Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter OSR6152
  • Country of Origin: Ireland
  • Application: Reagent
  • Number of Tests: 4 x 330
  • Test Name: Transferrin
  • Test Type: Anemia / Specific Protein Test
  • UNSPSC Code: 41116004
About TRF (Transferrin) Reagent

Iron in plasma is bound to the transport protein transferrin. Transferrin is responsible for 50% to 70% of the iron binding capacity of serum.

Transferrin has two iron-binding sites and is largely, but not exclusively, synthesized by the liver.

Transferrin levels rise with iron deficiency and fall in cases of iron overload. An increase in transferrin is seen in iron deficiency anemia. It may also be increased late in pregnancy and in women on oral contraceptives. It is decreased in conditions associated with increased protein loss, such as nephrotic syndrome, chronic renal failure, severe burns, and protein-deficiency states and in severe liver disease. Transferrin is a negative acute-phase protein and will be decreased during any inflammatory state or severe illness.


Immune complexes formed in solution scatter light in proportion to their size, shape and concentration. Turbidimeters measure the reduction of incident light due to reflection, absorption, or scatter.

In the procedure, the measurement of the decrease in light transmitted (increase in absorbance) through particles suspended in solution as a result of complexes formed during the antigen-antibody reaction, is the basis of this assay.


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