DHEA Sulfate Test (DHEAS Test)- Deep Dive

DHEA Sulfate Test (DHEAS Test)- Deep Dive

DHEA sulfate, an inherent steroid synthesized by your adrenal glands, performs a substantial role in maintaining hormonal balance. Despite its importance, its relevant contributions often pass unnoticed.

Beyond its fundamental functionalities, the levels of DHEA sulfate provide profound insights into the aging process, management of stress, and an understanding of potentially chronic diseases.

A DHEAS test measures levels of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS) in your blood. Your adrenal glands make DHEA sulfate, a steroid hormone found in all sexes. DHEAS levels tend to peak around puberty and then naturally decline with age. Your body converts DHEAS into androgens (testosterone and androstenedione) and estrogen. Males make more testosterone, while females make more estrogen, but all sexes produce and use these hormones. DHEAS is critical for the development of male sex characteristics during puberty and for reproduction in all sexes.

What’s the role of the adrenal glands?

You have two adrenal glands, one on top of each kidney. These glands make most of the body’s DHEAS. The testicles in the male reproductive system and ovaries in the female reproductive system also make small amounts of DHEAS.

Your adrenal glands:

What happens if DHEAS levels are high?

Male children with high DHEAS levels may experience early (precocious) puberty. Adults presenting as men at birth with high levels may not have symptoms.

People born female at birth with high levels of DHEAS may experience:

What happens if DHEAS levels are low?

Low levels of DHEAS can cause sexual dysfunction, such as low sex drives (libido), in all sexes. Men may experience erectile dysfunction.

In addition, low DHEAS levels can cause:

Why is this of consequence to you?

Comprehending your DHEA sulfate levels can drastically enhance your health optimization efforts. This process is not merely about understanding numeric indications; it is about discerning the messages your physiology is attempting to communicate. This assessment is not exclusive to biohackers or individuals passionate about health. Rather, it is pertinent to anyone who has an interest in making proactive strides toward their wellbeing.

Consider it akin to a resource in a health detective's arsenal - one that could potentially guide you towards personalized strategies for wellness and longevity. Are you prepared to delve further into your health journey? It may be beneficial to discuss the DHEA sulfate test with your healthcare provider. This conversation could potentially pave the way to a new echelon of health optimization.


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