Waste Disposal Terms

Waste Disposal Terms & Condition

Waste Segregation and Packaging

The generator is solely responsible for properly segregating, packing and labeling of regulated medical waste.Proper segregation and packing reduces exposure to employees or the public. DOT (49 CFR 173.197) states all packages of regulated medical waste be prepared for transport in containers meeting: 1) rigid; 2) leak resistance; 3) impervious to moisture; 4) No tearing or bursting; 5) sealed to prevent leakage; 6) puncture resistant. All regulated medical waste must be accompanied by a properly completed shipping document (49 CFR 172.202).

Management of non-conforming waste

As required by regulation and company policy, JIT4You Inc. employees and or sub contractors may refuse containers that are non-conforming because of their contents or are improperly packed,leaking, damaged or likely to create a risk of exposure to employees or the general public. Any container weighing 70 lb or more will not be serviced. Any non-conforming waste identified in route to or at JIT4You or its sub contractors may be returned to its generator for proper packing or disposal. Proper segregation and packing is essential to ensure compliant and safe handling, collection, transportation and treatment of regulated medical waste.

Accepted Waste
  • Sharps – Sharps includes needles, syringes, scalpels, broken glass, culture slides, broken capillary tubes, broken rigid plastic, and exposed ends of dental wires. May contain bloodborne pathogens.
  • Regulated medical waste, clinical waste or infectious medical waste (Red bag waste)
  • Dental waste including fixer developer, contact and non-contact amalgam products, traps, sludge and empty amalgam containers, mercury-containing dental waste
  • Hazardous waste accepted via a sub contractor only









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