Susceptibility Test Disc BBL™ Sensi-Disc™ Cefazolin 30 mcg

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BD Sensi-Disc™ test disks are prepared by impregnating high-quality absorbent paper with accurately determined amounts of antibiotic or other chemotherapeutic agents
Each lot is subjected to quality control procedures, including assays, to ensure maximum uniformity and stability
Disks are clearly marked on both sides with letters and numbers designating the agent and the concentration so you can quickly identify the disks
The last disk in each cartridge is marked with an”X” and contains the drug as coded
Each cartridge is sealed in a plastic/foil blister pack and includes desiccant to protect the disks from changing humidity
Sensi-Disc agents are furnished in cartridges containing 50 discs each
Store at -20° to +8° C
Manufacturer # 231592
Brand BBL™ Sensi-Disc™
Manufacturer Troy Biologicals
Antimicrobial Agent Cefazolin
Application Susceptibility Test Disc
Code CZ-30
Disc Potency 30 mcg
Disc Size 6 mm
Number of Discs 50 Disc / Cartridge
Storage Requirements Requires Refrigeration
UNSPSC Code 41116131

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