Protective Arm Sleeve DermaSaver Medium

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Protects fragile skin, reduces shear and pressure with a revolutionary microspring textile
Superior pressure and shear reduction, breathability – fabric and filament layers allow air flow
Allows for moisture transfer, totally launderable even in high temperature laundries
Durability – will not flatten out or become flaky, compatible with topical creams and ointments
Antimicrobial – protected by the aegis microbe shield which inhibits the growth of micro-organisms on the product
Each box contain 1/EA units. Price is per box .
Manufacturer # 56482003
Brand DermaSaver™
Manufacturer Patterson Medical Supply
Application Protective Arm Sleeve
Circumference 10 to 12 Inch Circumference
Material Polyester / Spandex
Protected Area Forearm, Knuckle
Size Medium.

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