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OSR6132 Olympus TP Total Protein Reagent


Intended Use

Olympus TP System reagent for Total Protein quantitative determination human serum on Beckman Coulter AU analyzers.

Brand: Beckman Coulter
Manufacturer SKU: OSR6132
Analyzer Type: Chemistry Analyzer
Analyzer Series: AU Analyzer Series
Test Type: General Chemistry
Test Name: Total Protein
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  • Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
  • Country of Origin: Ireland
  • Application: Reagent
  • Number of Tests: 4 X 750 Tests
  • Storage Requirements: Requires Refrigeration
  • Test Name: Total Protein
  • Test Type: General Chemistry
  • UNSPSC Code: 41116004
  • Volume: 4 X 25 mL

*Total Protein reagent OSR6632 for use on the AU2700/5400 system only.

About TP (Total-Protein) Reagent

Measurements of Total Protein are used in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases involving the liver, kidney, or bone marrow as well as other metabolic and nutritional disorders. The total serum protein is the sum of all circulating proteins and is a major component of blood. It is often useful, however, in interpreting the significance of the total protein concentration to have more specific knowledge of individual fractions such as albumins and globulins.


This Total Protein procedure is based on the modification of Weichselbaum. Cupric ions in an alkaline solution react with proteins and polypeptides containing at least two peptide bonds to produce a violet colored complex. The absorbance of the complex at 540/660 nm is directly proportional to the concentration of protein in the sample.


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