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OSR61118 Olympus Triglycerides Reagent (4×735 tests)


Intended Use

System reagent for the quantitative determination of Triglyceride concentrations in human serum and plasma on Beckman Coulter AU analyzers.

Brand: Beckman Coulter
Manufacturer SKU: OSR61118
Analyzer Type: Chemistry Analyzer
Analyzer Series: AU Analyzer Series
Test Type: Cardiac / Lipids
Test Name: Triglycerides
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  • Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
  • Country of Origin: Ireland
  • Application: Reagent
  • Number of Tests: 4 X 750 Tests
  • Storage Requirements: Requires Refrigeration
  • Test Name: Triglycerides
  • Test Type: Cardiac / Lipids / General Chemistry
  • UNSPSC Code: 41116004
  • Volume: 4 X 50 mL, 4 X 12.5 mL
  • R1: Light yellow; Clear; Liquid; Characteristic odor
    R2: Dark yellow; Clear; Liquid; Characteristic odor
About Triglyceride Reagent

Triglycerides are the major form of fat found in nature and their primary function is to provide energy for the cell. Measurements of triglyceride are used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus, nephrosis, liver obstruction, other diseases involving lipid metabolism, or various endocrine disorders. Clinically, triglyceride
assays are used to help classify the various genetic and metabolic lipoprotein disorders and in the assessment of risk factors for atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease.3,4


This Triglyceride procedure is based on a series of coupled enzymatic reactions.5,6 The triglycerides in the sample are hydrolyzed by a combination of microbial lipases to give glycerol and fatty acids.

The glycerol is phosphorylated by adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the presence of glycerol
kinase (GK) to produce glycerol-3-phosphate. The glycerol-3-phosphate is oxidized by molecular oxygen in the presence of GPO (glycerol phosphate oxidase) to produce hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and dihydroxyacetone phosphate.

The formed H2O2 reacts with 4-aminophenazone and N,N-bis(4-sulfobutyl)-3,5-dimethylaniline, disodium salt (MADB) in the presence of peroxidase (POD) to produce a chromophore, which is read at
660/800nm. The increase in absorbance at 660/800 nm is proportional to the triglyceride content of the sample.

OSR61118 Olympus Triglycerides Reagent
OSR61118 Olympus Triglycerides Reagent


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