Methanol Optima™ LC/MS Grade 99.9% 4 Liter

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Manufacturer # A456-4
Manufacturer Fisher Scientific
Application Methanol
Concentration Level 99.9%
Container Type Glass Bottle
Format Liquid
Type Optima™ LC/MS Grade
UNSPSC Code 12191601
Volume 4 Liter

Ideal mobile phase for LC/MS and UHPLC-UV applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, environmental and food safety industries
Novel gradient elution test with Photodiode Array Detector screens for UV-absorbing contaminants at every wavelength in the 200 to 400nm range to afford smooth baselines and to reduce interferences
Evaluated for 17 metal impurities at ppb concentrations to minimize the formation of metal adducts during analysis and simplify spectral interpretation
0.1 micron filtration minimizes troublesome particles that may interfere with LC/MS and UHPLC system performance and provides an ideal solution to prepare cleaner, particle-free mobile phase blends
Positive mode ionization (as propazine) and negative mode ionization (as mecoprop) with ESI and Single Quadrupole MS detect organic contaminants at max 100ppb and max 300ppb, respectively

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