Prepared Media

Prepared bottled media is used in both clinical and industrial microbiology settings and play a critical role in validating aseptic manufacturing processes.
Save time and labor with prepared media
Whether you are making 100mL or 100L, the same steps apply to media preparation. Eliminate many of these, from weighing out and autoclaving, to tempering, pouring or dispensing using ready-prepared media and convenience formats. Let us help you save time and labor.

Our products will comply with the below tests;

Antimicrobial Disc Diffusion
Coliform Organisms and Enteric Pathogens
Cultivating Fastidious Microorganisms
Enterobacteriaceae Differentiation
Fungal Culture
Isolation and Enumeration of Staphylococci
Isolation of Group A Streptococci
Isolation Of Pathogenic Fungi
Susceptibility Testing
Throat Culture
Urinalysis Test
Urine Culture