Lab Test Kit holds one of the most extensive catalog in the web for lab test kit. We carry lab test kits for home and professional use. Among our products you’ll find diabetic monitoring test kits like A1C Diabetes Monitoring, Fecal Occult Blood [FOB], cholesterol, HIV, HbA1c and many many others.

A1C Diabetes Monitoring HDL-C HbA1c
Fecal Occult Blood [FOB] HIV Detection Lab Test Kit Infectious Mononucleosis
H. Pylori Detection Strep A Lab Test Kit LH Ovulation Predictor
hCG Pregnancy Test Influenza A + B Blood Lead Test

among our brands you’ll find A1C Now+®, Clarity ®, CLOtest*, ColoScreen® and others. We also offer CONSULT test kits by Mckesson. those offer the reliability of Mckesson with a none matched cost value price.

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